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In my eyes, this Mistress, Goddess and Domina market never have a break. Guys will be horny and hungry  and ready to serve and spoil before breakfast, during lunch, in the elevator when they see a woman in strappy 6 inch high heel shoes  or at dinner when a woman enter the restaurant in a tight leather dress and her high leather boots, which make such a excited sound that the whole restaurant is watching her. And since a lot guys like to be the KING, SLAVE, PUPPIE or PAYPIG in a virutal world, the Mistress or Domme market will never, never end. To not throw my studio idea away,  i decided to make first a website, more a landing page and write some articles beside. The subjects came during the last month in my mind and i visited some rooms on Chaturbate and MFC, to hear some stories and get more input.  I could write a book about this already, about the powerful 1 token tippers, or the kings which need daily the feeling they can ' own  a woman ' with the highest tip or just the guy which sit in a room for 6 hours and tip not one token, even known as FREE LOADERS but i prefer to call them FREE BEER FACES.  I met different kind of women during my ' chat work ' and prefer now, not to go deeper to their behave in my article here. For some month i knocked on a door from a woman to get some new input for another article.  And after some time now,  i am very glad that this happened. Since i not like to write her username here, i will call this Mistress from Bucharest simple now  ' Miss28 '.  We started very simple to communicate and i told her my idea about the Cammgirls and Mistress website and the blog. In my eyes she was the first women which really read this articles and she was very suprised, how i wrote about ' The Video Model Life '. During our chats i tipped sometimes 1 token, sometimes 28 tokens and much more and told her, all stories have a first step.  In one article before i wrote this lines at the end:


In conclusion, we hope this article has given you a comprehensive overview of what Camgirls, Mistress' or Dominas are, what they do, and how to enjoy their services. Whether you're a seasoned cam viewer or a curious newcomer, there's something for everyone in the world of live broadoasting. So go forth, explore, and have fun ! Just remember to always be respectful and supportive of the camgirls you interact with, and never forget that they are real people with real feelings.


And this Mistress from Bucharest or Miss28 showed me for sure, she is just a real person with real feelings. I wrote this lines long time before i met her online but it confirmed me and my work. So ladies and gentleman what i want to tell you today.  All stories have a first step, they can start with 1 or with 28 tokens or much more.  Find out yourself what is your magical number to interact with a  Mistress or Domina from Warszawa, Oslo or Bucharest, a Camgirl from Iasi or a Dominatrix from Bacau, enjoy them to the fullest, maybe build a friendship or more. Like a few Mistress told me, is all about chemistry and connection between Mistress - Slave. I can't write about this statment more, i don't know it and not like the position to kneel down and lick some latex boots of a Mistress or feel her strapon. My fetish is more a cold Aperol Spritz or a beer and 8 kilometres jogging.  Ahh and since i like motorbiking for over 30 years, i love wearing leather sometimes, so thats my fetish then too.  To tribute a Mistress which talk about the so call ' chemistry ', don't forget a huge load of tokens, cos no sound of tokens, no chemistry.  I mean, if you go to a restaurant, you must pay the food too, or you just order a wine, martini, whisky or a beer in a pub, is not for free. So the services from camgirls from Estland or from a Mistress in Bucuresti is not for free too.  If you read this lines and be a Mistress or a Camgirl and have a good story to tell us about your online experience, please write us and we publish it. 

Thanks for reading 

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